We create sustainable value by representing your interest.

Syncco advocates the needs and interest of investors and shareholders of wind-, solar parks and biomass power plants, as an independent and knowledgeable owner’s representative.

Our customers ask us due to our:
•          extensive knowledge of and long-term practical experience in the market;
•          realistic view of potential risks and opportunities;
•          "connecting" way of working together;
•          solution-oriented approach;
•          because they want good results.

We work together with people and companies from our network. All specialists in their field of expertise and who have a proven track record.

It is our mission to focus on the needs and interest of our customers in the renewable energy market and to contribute to accelerate the energy transition. "Creating Sustainable Value"

  • Investors

    As an owner’s representative, we maximize the return for investors by professional supervision, connecting supply and demand and advise on choices and solutions to be made;

  • Asset owners

    We achieve the desired results for shareholders by executing management (director), where we take the lead, safety always comes first, we keep a grip on the financial, organizational and technical risks and negotiate and collaborate with all contractors.

  • Energy market

    We initiate, develop, implement and operationalize energy concepts together with and/or on behalf of investors and shareholders, where supply and demand isbetter matched and processes are streamlined and new insights and innovations applied to accelerate the energy transition.

  • Sluit venster Investors
    Clients Investors

    "Two Dutch investors, who have an investment in an English offshore wind project, had the challenge to conclude a new business contract with the majority shareholder. The challenge was to structure the new contract in such a way, that the interests and control of the minority shareholders were safeguarded. To achieve this, firstly insight was created into whether the competencies for the implementation were present and whether the current structure was sufficient. Secondly a new structure was developed in which the current structure was taken as the basis, but that the roles were unambiguous and split. Finally after negotiations, this structure has been taken over, so the minority shareholders have the possibility to keep a grip on costs and returns. "

  • Sluit venster Asset owners
    Clients Asset owners

    "A group of depositary receipt holders (owners) of a large-scale onshore wind project should set up a professional business management for its park requested by the lenders (banks). In order to ensure that operational management did not feel imposed, but an integral part of the project team, it was then checked where the opportunities and risks lay for the depositary receipt holders. This turned out to be the electricity contract and the safety around the wind park. By giving focus and unambiguous communication around these two themes, wind farm management became an integral part of the project team and experienced as a trusted member. "

  • Sluit venster Energy market
    Clients Energy market

    “Two wind cooperatives had the objective for their new large-scale wind farm to supply the produced electricity to customers in a transparent way. The challenge was to get the transparency of offtake by the traditional energy companies. Through market forces and new structures / insights, industrial parties were also able to directly offtake the green electricity. After a period of contract development, negotiation and structuring, a long-term agreement has been reached that is lucrative and appropriate for both the two wind cooperatives and the four industrial offtakers. "


Our approach is based on Deming's quality circle: Plan - Do - Check - Act. The four activities ensure better quality and associated result optimization. The cyclical character guarantees that the continuous improvement applies:

  • 1 Plan

    We make an inventory of the current situation and design a development and / or business plan that fits seamlessly with the needs and objectives of the investor / shareholder and stakeholders.

    • Risk profile investors
    • Bankability
    • Operations setup
    • Interfaces between involved parties
    • Insourcing and outsourcing strategy
    • Future proof power offtake agreement
  • 2 Do

    We act as the owner's representative or fill in the director role.

    Together with the project partners, we carry out the plan.

  • 3 Check

    We measure the progress, compare it with the original situation and test it against the set plan, by:

    • Analyses
    • Reporting
    • Overview of the deviations
  • 4 Act

    Additional works will be executed and/or we adjust the plan accordingly.

    • Financial
    • Compliancy
    • Performance
    • Asset integriteit/ reliability
    • Contracts
Sustainable Value

Creating sustainable value is our motto. It's being created by:

  • Our way of working: leadership, supervision and connection;
  • More than 20 years of relevant knowledge and experience in the renewable energy market, of which more than 10 years of experience as an owner’s representative;
  • Developing new forms of cooperation between generators and off-takers;
  • Offering foreign investors / investments local comfort;
  • Providing input of knowledge and experience to obtain solutions for increasing scale and complexity.
Track record
  • Offshore wind
    Offshore wind

    Operational readiness Blauwwind offshore wind farm

    Gemini offshore wind farm, setting up 24/7 daily operations

    Operations of 4 EU offshore wind farms

    Shareholder representative Prinses Amalia wind park

  • Onshore wind
    Onshore wind

    Project director wind farm Koegorspolder BV for Allianz Global Investment

    Operational Readiness Program for Wind park Zeewolde and Operational Director after construction.

    Development, contracting and implementation of corporate PPA.

  • Solar energy systems
    Solar energy systems

    Scopius BV - development, acquisition and construction (www.scopius.nl)

    Integration project: solar in OpenIJ docks

    Operations management of solar portfolio of Ampere Equity Fund

    Development of independent O&M concept in the Netherlands